Andrew Barber’s “G Note” at CHREECE 3

If you’re a fan of Hip Hop, especially here in the Midwest, then likely you’ve heard of Andrew Barber and his blog Fake Shore Drive – a highly influential website that he launched ten years ago to focus on the Chicago hip hop scene and that has, since then, gone on to embrace the entire Midwest hip hop community, as well as helping discover and launch some big names within the genre.

This past Saturday at the unlikely time of 3pm, a crowd of us gathered at the Hi-Fi to hear Barber share some wisdom about the industry and what it takes to make it as a full-time music artist. He spoke for about an hour, after a brief intro from Ron Miner, aka DJ Indiana Jones, a long-time staple of the local music scene, and also Oreo Jones, the founder of CHREECE, and a highly respected musical artist as well.

While the turn out was decent – it was certainly far less than it should have been given Barber’s influence and connections. He made himself accessible to all before and after his presentation, and was a genuinely nice guy…which is not really surprising given that he’s Indiana-born and raised…though he’s been

in Chicago for quite some time. It’s that Hoosier hospitality!

I’m so glad that I made a point to attend, and also to video record, Barber’s “G Note”. I’m reposting it here hoping that more artists – no matter what genre you’re repping – can benefit from hearing what this guy had to say. All good stuff! And highly relevant to those hoping to make it in the music industry while remaining in the Midwest.

ps. Barber also penned a review of his trip to Indy and experience at CHREECE, HERE. Feelin’ the love!

Thanks to DJ Indiana Jones for making the presentation possible!

And while you’re at it check out this all Naptown mix of CHREECE artists that DJ Indiana Jones put together for #TheDriveSXM, which aired this past Saturday!

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