Amy Grimmer & Bird on a Wire Boutique

I’ve always loved vintage and handmade things. From the days when I sat cross-legged in the local library poring over vintage fashion books for sewing ideas to today when I’m on the hunt for the best vintage stores in Indianapolis, my appreciation for well-curated shops and creative handmade goods has been a lifelong interest.

I grew up on the South Side, in Franklin, and while my historic little town has always had some great antique shops and the best Goodwill around, recently there’s been a surge of quality vintage shops including the newest boutique, Bird on a Wire. The first time I walked into Bird on a Wire, owned by Amy Grimmer, I was struck by the whimsical experience of the store as a whole. Nestled in a cute old house in downtown Franklin, a cozy cinnamon vanilla smell greets you at the door and the creaky wooden floors give the shop an authentic c’mon in feeling. When you stand in the doorway and look around, there are repurposed goodies and cool stuff all around. Lamps made from globes, a fabric chain made from sleeve cuffs, purses made from burlap feed sacks, and tasteful jewelry made from soda cans. Bird on a Wire truly is Pinterest + Etsy, in real life and I had the chance to ask Amy, the owner, a few questions.

SG: What do you love most about owning a brick-and-mortar shop?

AG: I get to play by my own rules! Walking into the shop in the morning is like walking into a little piece of heaven. It kind of reminds me of when I was a little girl and I would open my mom’s walk in closet so I could try on all of her high heeled shoes. Dreamy!

SG: Your decor and the products you sell are so unique– where do you find all of your inspiration?

AG:I find inspiration just about everywhere. I love magazines, advertising and browsing websites and blogs.

SG: How long have you had the dream to open a shop like Bird on a Wire?

AG: It has been a dream of mine for a while. I have always enjoyed creating repurposed pieces, painting and decorating. After working in the recycling world for several years I realized the need and the niche for a retail outlet that offered refashioned merchandise, locally made items and recycled merchandise and that the offerings needed to be fun, unique and one of a kind with a touch of whimsy.

SG: What is the hardest and best part about owning a boutique?

AG: I always run out of enough time in a day.

SG: What do you want your shop to be in the future? What kinds of things do you have planned?

AG:Hopefully, this summer I will finally get the garage behind the shop converted into a studio in order to offer creative art and DIY workshops.

SG: What are 5 tips you have for someone who wants to start their own business someday?

AG: Have a solid business plan to start, be flexible, know that tasks will take much more time than you think they should, and most important, think outside of the box! I think that is only four, but pretty much sums things up.

So if you ever venture down to the South Side, be sure to check out Bird on a Wire! There’s a lot to offer down here, including an antique market every month in Franklin that has a huge selection of (cheap) and neat old antiques. (I highly recommend it.) 🙂

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