Amanda Seales on Finding the Funny Within

Comedian, actress, DJ, host, radio personality, recording artist, writer, producer…I could go on. Amanda Seales is a woman with many hats and is constantly adding new titles to her resume. Last week, Seales visited Indianapolis as part of the Steward Speaker Series powered by IUPUI to talk about her career in comedy and everything else she juggles.

If you know Seales, then you know how extremely talented she is, but what isn’t always noticed is her amazing sense of style. When I spoke with Seales before her presentation, she was taken aback in a good way when I asked about her style because she hardly gets asked about it. Seales did inform me that she works with a stylist about 60% of the time, mostly for red carpets and other publicity events. Aside from that she loves to create outfits herself, coining the term LEWKS when posting pictures of them on Instagram.

“You know it’s funny, I used to really not know my style and then over time, working with a stylist I became more brave and adventurous,” Seales says. “I never would have worn a turtleneck under this dress four years ago and now it’s like ‘well why not?’ It warms my heart that you notice this style.”

Her go-to stylist is Bryon Javar who has created several amazing looks for her, but most of her looks posted to her feed are styled by her-and let me tell you, they are fantastic!

Aside from making a statement with her style, Seales also makes statements through her social media. She explains it as a “catch 22″ in that some followers respond to a short part of a post without reading or viewing the other part; thus simply only hearing what they want to hear.

“It’s starting to be frustrating because I’m starting to see people who are malicious in ways that are very problematic [on social media],” says Seales. “If I’m gonna be 100%, when it comes from within the black community, it’s like even more frustrating [and] anyone that’s attempting to screw my words as otherwise is nefarious by all accounts. When I see that happening, and then I see people that are behind that, it’s concerning for me. It lets me know that people are still not doing their own research, not asking their own questions.”

Seales has been in comedy for quite some time now and bases a lot of her jokes from things she learned while in school, particularly from when she was completing her PhD.

“[My education] has been very integral with my comedy because it’s from that information base that I pull from to construct jokes,” Seales says. “So it’s my schooling that really is part of how my brain works and looking at the world and finding the funny with in it.”


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