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Header Image: Junglepussy shot by Cylesuesz, Rico Nasty shot by OfftheLens, Tierra Whack Shot by Matt Allen.

[dropcap letter=”W”]hat was once a simple fascination with auric fields and energy has now evolved into a full on business promoting awareness of the human atmosphere for Detroit based artist and visionary, Eileen Lee. Using analog technology and instant film that is no longer being produced, Eileen is able to capture your aura with just a click of a shutter button.

Your aura displays itself in a series of colors with a series of meanings and can change with any emotion or situation, making this portrait style incredibly unique. Lee brings the talents of Aura Aura to the Indianapolis creative studio and boutique, Onatah, on June 21 and 22 this year.

However, with so many different colors of auric fields and their endless meanings, it can be challenging to put your individual aura in perspective. Luckily, PATTERN has curated a list of iconic female rap albums to align with your aura, because nothing screams identity like your taste in music. In a music genre that is becoming more commonly explored, here are six contenders that might be just right for you.

Rico Nasty : Nasty

First up is Rico Nasty’s 2018 album “Nasty.” Unafraid to experiment with different sounds and beats, Rico finds a bridge between hard rock and hip hop, making her the perfect trap star fitted for the adventurous red aura. Red auras exemplify qualities of excitement, risk taking, and extreme passion and Rico never fails to deliver in that department. If you find interest in expressing yourself in the most passionate and daring way or just dabbling in the unfamiliar, tracks like Countin’ Up, Rage and B**** I’m Nasty on this album are sure to coordinate with your vibrations.

Album Cover Creative Director Yung Jake

Junglepussy : JP3

Album Cover Art Junglepussy

Hail to the healers! Junglepussy’s 2018 album “JP3” is next up, with not just one, but two auras that align with the playful melodies and scenic rap flow introduced in this album. “JP3” captures the essence of natural growth, self care and abundance, while manifesting elements of romance, joy and divine feminine energy, making this the best album suited for both pink and green auras. If your aura reveals the color pink, you are likely to be playful, romantic and exhibit feminine energy. Tracks like I’m In Love, All of You and Ready to Ride won’t fall short of this healing energy. A green aura is representative of growth, nature, creativity and abundance, State of the Union, Showers and Trader Joe’s fit the part. With Junglepussy herself painting her own album cover, “JP3” is a one of a kind project that incorporates fun, romance and growth in a way that cannot be matched.

Bbymuth : BbyShoe

You only get one mother or should we say mutha, as in Bbymutha, one of the authentic visionaries behind the seven track project “BbyShoe.” Her aesthetic is unique, and her sound cannot be replicated. She walks to the beat of her own drum and her presence seeps through the lyricism and creativity displayed in “BbyShoe.” Short, but fulfilling, this EP will coincide with both magenta and indigo auras. As explained by AURA AURA magenta is an aura for the creatives with eccentric vibes of the world, they display uniqueness and originality in all forms. Tracks like BBC and Lately featuring the iconic and unique Rico Nasty deliver that same energy. Indigo is an aura for those who trust their intuition and who can distinguish truth and illusion, making them great connectors and possessors of clairvoyance. Tracks such as Ungrateful, D.O.T.D and Black and Mld present Bbymutha as the intuitive creative that she is, fitting this auric field.

Megan Thee Stallion : Fever

It’s a hot girl summer and social butterfly Megan Thee Stallion is the leader of the pack. Reclaiming the female body and presence while promoting female rap unity and saving the environment, this proud Texan has quickly risen as a female rap icon. With her newly released album “Fever,” she delivers confidence and sensuality with unfiltered bars and ad libs. It is undeniable that “Fever” is just the right album for both orange and yellow auras. Orange auras exhibit characteristics such as being socially interactive, great team players and relationship builders, as well as, sensuality and sexuality through the five senses. With explicit lyrics and emphasis on valued friendships, Hood Rat S***t and Cash S***t fit the bill when it comes to an orange aura. Realer and Pimpin perfectly coordinate with yellow auras by displaying Megan’s confidence, high self esteem and leadership qualities, motivating all women to be secure within themselves.

Kari Faux : Cry 4 Help

Toning things down, but still remarkably talented, Kari Faux is next up and her latest EP “Cry 4 Help” delivers sentiment, emotion and tranquility as she exposes the deepest parts of herself, healing and inspiring her audience. With only five tracks, this seventeen minute project is a wise choice for individuals with blue or white in their auras. Blue is an aura for those who display wisdom, sensitivity and nurturing personalities while also enjoying calm and tranquil environments. In the Air and Night Time provides a sound more calming than any of the artists previously mentioned. With songs like Medicated and Latch Key, Kari unintentionally provides the wisdom and healing that perfectly corresponds with the white aura. She gives her listeners hope by telling her truth with a spiritual presence that shines through her personality and aesthetic.

Album Cover Photography Quil Lemons

Tierra Whack : Whack World

Last but not least, Tierra Whack’s video album “Whack World” delivers a variety of sounds, flows and distinctive visuals proving that she is an artist ahead of her time. Released in 2018, “Whack World” sets itself apart from any other project produced by any rapper living and deceased and will stand the test of time, making it a great match for those with turquoise, violent or purple auras. Multitaskers and good communicators typically possess turquoise auras. Whack displays her ability to apply multiple sounds and connect with her audience in songs like Bugs Life and Sore Loser. Tracks like Hungry Hippo and Black Nails are more suited for those with purple and violet auras who exhibit intelligence, futuristic vibes and are overall visionaries. In both visuals and in sound, Whack brings nothing but quality to the table. Keeping in mind that “Whack World” is a fifteen minute album with fifteen tracks makes you appreciate her skill as visionary even more and especially for these auras.

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