A Treat for the Michael Jackson + Prince fans this weekend

They were born and raised in the Midwest, but their music can be heard on every corner of the globe. Michael Jackson and Prince are pop music gods, whose modest upbringing set the stage for their extravagant lifestyles, performances and sense of style.

“They were the only two guys who could dress in your girlfriend’s clothes and still get your girlfriend,” says Creative Director of Old SOUL Entertainment Douglas Morris.

This Saturday, June 23, music fans can pay their respects to two of the most iconic performers of all time at Old SOUL’s annual Michael Jackson and Prince tribute party.

For over a decade, Old SOUL has been putting on the party that has gained a reputation as one of summer’s biggest celebrations. This year’s edition will feature live tribute performances by B. ON. IT and Soul Lounge, as well as some of Indianapolis’ favorite deejays including MetroGnome, Niko Flores, Action Jackson and Limelight.

“Not only is this a celebration of Prince and Michael Jackson, but it’s a celebration of the local performing arts scene,” Morris says. “The beauty of it is there are people on stage who are veteran jazz, soul and gospel musicians and there are people on stage who have never touched the stage.”

As one of three founders of Old SOUL, an Indianapolis-based marketing and media production company focused on developing the city’s art and cultural scene, Morris believes that Saturday’s party is more than just a fun way to spend a Saturday night.

“It’s important that Indy celebrates our own,” he says. “We’re celebrating our own with Mike (Jackson) but we need to celebrate and support the local performing arts scene. It’s really an opportunity to come and not only listen to some of your favorite musicians and singers in town but it’s also an opportunity to discover new voices.”

While the goal of the party is to showcase talented local performers, Morris is proud that the Michael Jackson and Prince tribute party is a night that people from all over the state look forward to.

“People drive in from everywhere,” he says. “It’s one of the best parties in the city. I’m confident to claim that. It’s almost impossible to come and not have a good time, even if you’re not a big fan of Prince or Michael Jackson.”

Morris believes that the event can serve as a bridge, introducing passionate fans of the two legendary artists to the sounds of aspiring local performers. All that is required is for people to be willing to branch out.

“Sometimes in Indy we stick to what we’re comfortable with,” Morris says. “We go to places we know we’re going to enjoy. What I ask is for people to be a little more open. Try something different on this one and I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.”

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