Trend Report Preview: A Conversation With Fran Yoshioka

On August 29th, Fran Yoshioka, a global trend-tracker and fashion analyst, will be bringing her in-depth interpretations of seasonal, consumer, and retail trends to Indianapolis. Recently, I had the opportunity to talk with her about how she got her start in the fashion industry and where she sees it going in the future:

How did you first get started tracking and analyzing fashion trends?

My very first job in NYC after college in Ohio was at Mademoiselle Magazine where I worked for the Fabric Editor. At that time, most of the fashion industry – whether apparel, footwear, beauty, or home furnishing – came to the fashion magazines to get the season’s trends. There were not nearly as many independent trend services as there are today. I learned to make color groupings, textile boards and tell a story about the new season. From that well-mentored experience, I started up the zig zag ladder in the women’s apparel manufacturing business, always being a part of the design team, but the first to start the season conducting trend research and putting together directional boards.

What inspires you the most about the fashion world?  

The newness of each season – not that there are brand new wonderful trends each season, but there is always movement forward, and looking to the future.

What is one of the most exciting or thrilling fashion experiences you’ve had?

Looking back, I see that the beginning days at Mademoiselle were  at the tail end of the power of fashion press on the entire industry.  We were going to runway shows and presentations in grand ballrooms weekly. Designers from all levels of the apparel markets would come in for a color or trend consultation.  The industry seemed smaller, more intimate, highly creative, and a fun place to be.

What audience might benefit the most from your insights? (retailers, stylists, consumers?)

Anyone who needs to know what the trend direction is for the upcoming new season – from buyers, designers, and product development teams, to the ultimate consumer.  I specialize in providing information that will impact how you reach the customer, whether it’s in the design of the product itself or how it’s merchandised and presented on the selling floor.  And, I focus on reaching the mass-volume ladies customer.

What is a key fall fashion trend that we should be excited about? And are there any fall fashion trend missteps that we should avoid?

The return of grey and the concept of radical neutrality (which I’ll explain in my presentation), and truly understanding why the influence of the 70’s goes on and on. I tend not to focus on what you shouldn’t do, but try to inspire you in regards to what you should do differently, or what will look new.

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