The Indianapolis 500 isn't all about cars. Lately, the celebration of the greatest spectacle in racing has become a place to see and be seen and thanks to #500FashionFridays fans can now be recognized for their race-loving sartorial expression.


Back story

When Indianapolis Motor Speedway approached PATTERN to help create a fun campaign to get more people involved in the Greatest Month in Racing, we knew right away that we were going to do a photoshoot to show all the different ways that people celebrate May in Indy through fashion. So emails were sent, calls were made, studio time was scheduled and as a result we got to hang out with some great people from all walks of life, from Bob, who’s been going to the race since 1947, to baby Eleanor who’s headed to her first race this month, to driver Tony Kanaan, who’s won THE race, and a bunch of cool cats in between.

Ready, set...fashion!!

What we discovered is that there is a myriad of ways to express your appreciation for Indy 500 through clothing – From vintage logo tees paired with ripped denim, to the famous black and white checkered pattern on EVERYTHING, to sleek black and white mix and match, it’s easy to celebrate Indy’s biggest sporting event through your threads. Now I know, that there are skeptics out there who’ve never been inside the track, and whose only connection to the race is the distant sounds of what might be mistaken for an angry mob of bees, but I promise, if you look under the hood (haha!) of this event, you will discover that it has a lot more to offer than might initially meet the eye.

Like I said, Indy 500 is more than just about cars, it’s about the spirit of Indianapolis.

Style Blogger Maddie Corbin @maddiecorbin

I'm looking forward to playing all the fun after parties and seeing all my friends & musicians/djs that are in town for them.


500 Forward

500FashionFridays are part of a bigger program headed by Indianapolis Motor Speedway designed to engage the broader community, called 500 Forward. Some of the organizations involved in this effort are Arts Council of Indianapolis, City of Indianapolis, Downtown Indy, Hamilton County Tourism, Harrison Center for the Arts, IMS Museum, Indiana Humanities, Indianapolis Airport Authority, IndyHub, IndyCog, Speedway Chamber of Commerce and Visit Indy. 

As the 500 Forward program continues to grow, so do the perks of participating! I love to eat, so I was especially excited to see the list of restaurants participating in #500FashionFridays. There’s no trick to it – wear your #500FashionFriday gear on Fridays, stop by any of the restaurants listed and get a deal! The “deals” vary from place to place…I’m definitely planning to hit Ramen Ray and getting me some free dessert!!

This is Bob! Bob’s been going to the race since 1947. #lifer

The 100th running was the most powerful - seeing the stands filled with fans, the energy was electric and there was just an amplified excitement that built throughout the month and played out in a phenomenal race.

- LARA OVERTON, Sports Reporter for Fox59 & CBS 4

No city celebrates May like Indy. It’s when we come alive; a perfect kickoff to Summer.


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