Kiarra’s Closet Chronicles: Ashlee Rush

Photography by Callie Zimmerman

Ashlee Rush, is a busy wife, boy mom of 3, and business owner. In the middle of her crazy schedule she found time to invite us to her closet to discuss her style, favorite pieces, and if she prefers sneakers or heels.

What’s your “mom outfit”…You know, the outfit when you’re going to be chasing and passing out snacks.
My “mom outfit” can vary. If I’m doing mom things such as park, b-ball practice, field-trips, etc you’ll definitely find me in a pair of Lulu leggings/pants & flexible top w/ sneakers.

Do you ever wear things from your husband’s side of the closet?
I mostly wear his designer tees. Maybe a hoodie here & there for a sweatshirt dress look. I like comfy, so if I’m wearing his items, it’s definitely for the baggy/tomboy look.

What is your go-to handbag? You know, the bag you grab when you head out to run errands or even the bag you use for a girls’ lunch? 
Usually I’ll carry a Louis Vuitton never-full tote or a backpack to fill with snacks, wipes, diapers etc. If we’re going somewhere outdoorsy, most likely one of my boys’ kiddie totes that can get dirty. If I’m without my boys, it’s defintely a clutch or crossbody. Something small and cute.

I would love to see a piece from your wardrobe that you want to get rid of but can’t seem to part with.
I need to get rid of a lot of things especially things that I know I’ll never wear. I’m kind of a hoarder in that sense.

How long does it take you to get ready each morning, from the time you shower to when you walk out of the door?
If it’s a week day/school drop off, I can get myself ready in 10mins. If I’m putting in a little more effort for a date night or girls outing, I take about an hour.

How do you keep your closet organized, and how often do you clean/organize it?
My closet is usually never too organized. Haha!

What is your everyday style or style go-tos?
Sneakers. Comfy pants, flexible top. I hate feeling restricted in my clothing.

Heels or sneakers?

Describe your style using three words.
1. Comfy
2. Simple
3. Sexy, yet tasteful

Do you own any vintage pieces?
I bought a leather coat trimmed with fur, thanks to your inspiration!

Let’s say you have an unlimited budget? Where are you shopping?

Do you have a junk drawer? What do you find yourself stashing in this drawer?
Random jewelry, kids toys, safety pins, and even pasties.

What are your favorite places to shop, whether online or in-person?
Revolve, EVEREVE, ASOS, Zara, and Nike.

With a simple one-word response, share yay or nay to my question:
Mixing metals? Yay
Statement necklaces? Nay
Neon clothing? Sometimes
Dad hats? Yay
Socks with heels? Nay
Sneakers with dresses? Yay
Menswear? Yay

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