Two outfit ideas to show your Colts pride at the office

Thank goodness the lockout is over and football is back. But with the return of another exciting football season, comes the inappropriate use of the jersey at work. I too feel awkward not wearing my jersey on game days, but sometimes work priorities come first. I first noticed the inappropriate use of the jersey, when I worked in an accounting firm. I was not an accountant but instead a file retention specialist. When other companies downtown allowed employees to have a casual “Colts Friday”, I was stuck wearing a suit in an accounting firm. I often wished to work at a place where I could wear my comfortable jersey at work. I have put together two outfit templates to show your Colts pride appropriately at work. One outfit is dedicated to the men who work in a more conservative business environment. The second outfit is for the men who have a more creative/artistic work environment.

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A good rule of thumb is if you would wear it to Lucas Oil stadium, it is probably not appropriate for work. Since men are visual people, I provided a few selection of items to only wear in the following social events:

1. An actual game
2. A tailgate
3. A bar with your friends
4. A job with a very relaxed dress code
5. A work function specifically noted as a Colts rally

Business and contact with perspective clients will still happen during football season. It might look awkward trying to close a deal in the conference room wearing your Peyton Manning or Jeff Saturday jersey. Indianapolis hosting the Super Bowl in a few months will hopefully bring in perspective clients for local businesses. Networking with others might be a little distracting wearing a football jersey and jeans. Keep the jersey in the car for an after work change. Your perspective clients will thank you.

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Option #1: Conservative look

A conservative option isn’t a bad thing. I just know there are local businesses who strive to keep a more reserved aesthetic. The accounting firm I worked at for a while was the same way. Keeping that in mind I selected a monochromatic look. A monochromatic look means that all the pieces fall within the same color family. I suggest a blue similar to the Colts blue. This navy Hugo Boss suit is a great foundation. A good fitting navy suit should be in all men’s closets. To make the rich navy color stand out, I selected a twill dress shirt. The benefit of a twill dress shirt is that the shirt isn’t a flat color, so it adds some depth. Add a patterned true blue tie; A patterned tie is a great way to had a little bit of energy to your business look. I really like the polka dot pattern for men’s neck-wear. The Colts Pro Shop offers cuff links and a watch that has the horseshoe logo prominently placed. The subtle detail is a great way to handle business and network during the football season.

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Option #2: Fashion Forward Look

This option is about pattern and a single statement piece. The look is based around a foundation of dark colors singling out one garment as a statement piece through color. I selected a blue blazer from the Versace Collection. If the blue is a little too bold, substitute it with a navy blazer. I like this pair of Express black denim as the the foundation of the outfit. I added pattern to lighten up the palette, by selecting a Burberry dress shirt. The denim and shirt combo is a fantastic look on its own, but adding the blue Versace blazer makes it perfect for the Colts fan. The Colts Pro shop sells aviator style sunglasses to accessorize the look. If you choose to wear a tie, a standard black bow tie is the perfect accessory. I choose not to add other accessories because the look needs to be kept simple and classic. The focus is on the blue statement blazer. This look is a perfect inspiration for the independent business owner or anyone in a creative field.

The love of football can be brought to the office; just not in the form of a jersey. Indianapolis hosting the Super Bowl in a few months means a critical eye will be upon Indianapolis. Lets show that men of Indianapolis can love our Colts and love fashion.

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