15 First Date Outfits For Your Summer Fling

Photography by Cecil Mella

Hotter weather means hotter dates, but first things first… the outfit! Check out PATTERN’s style guide to the feminine summer fling inspo. Bonus! We’ve got your back with not only what to wear, but where to be with the endless date ideas around Indy. Note that fashion is all about comfort and self-expression, so soak up these personal pieces and add your own fun twist to make it PATTERN approved. This summer 2022 calendar of what to do in Indy includes images of how we would show up rocking all the local events. 

1. INDIEana Handicraft Exchange June 18th

Get your craft on! Show your love for the arts with INDIEana Handicraft Exchange. This outfit is totally inspired by your funky art teacher from elementary school that wore popsicle sticks as jewelry and clogs on the daily. Since you’re headed to the craftiest place in town, get in this modish groove and spice up the outfit however you feel fits best.

2. PATTERN Vol 21 Bus Launch

If there’s one thing to know about PATTERN, we love our open events and parties! Ones hosted for every launch of the print magazine is an all time favorite event that you can’t miss. Wear whatever you want, whether you dress up or dress down, we love it all. This time around, check out the bus launch with the PATTERN magazine handout and great company. 

3. Newfields Art Museum

Sugar- Now-Aug 21 2022

The Lume- Jul 3rd 2022-May 28 2023

Stephen Sprouse Rock Art and Fashion- Jul 16-Apr 2nd 2023

An all-time classic rom-com date idea is the art gallery. Luckily for us, Indy has a great selection of exhibits this summer at Newfields. Get inspired by the pieces by showing art in clothing form. Mixing and matching textures and patterns will make your outfit feel at home with the art pieces surrounding the exhibit. 

4. First Friday in Indy July 1st and August 5th- Murphy Arts Center and Circle City Indy

Why say yes to one pop up art fair when you could have them all?! If you’ve been living under the race-track-shaped rock and haven’t heard of First Friday, you’re lucky you have now. First Friday in Indy, like most cities, is a huge event on the first Friday of the month, uh duh, that has like a billion art shows. Places like the CCIC and Murphy Arts Center are involved so come check out the local creatives in Indy! Since it’s July and August we would sport the classic jean shorts look with a fun tank top and comfy sneakers since you’ll want to hit every place around. Get your stretches in, because this full day of walking around will be WORTH IT, especially when you feel good doing it. It feels good to shop local, doesn’t it? Come to life with downtown Indy and reminisce on the food, arts, drinks, and fashion. 

5. Tibbs Drive-In Theater

A backseat love and drive-in movies type of date has sweatpants written all over it. This outfit is super simple to match the date, but we kept it flirty and light with matching shoes, a cropped tee, and personality socks.

6. Thrift with Local Boutiques

What’s better than styling yourself? Picking outfits for your mannequin of a date! Have fun with dressing your boo for the night out, it’s a fun way to get to know someone’s style and what they do and don’t like. Check out places like Broad Ripple Vintage, Zodiac Vintage, and more thrifts in the Indy area. Represent your best thrift finds for the date, here’s a few pieces of mine.

7. Stitchworks

Get your stitch on! Join PATTERN’s favorite local sewing workshop and learn how to sew some goodies! Stitchworks is great for a fun project and to find ways to create together. Join an open lab or this summer’s fashion camp June 27th- July 1st to see what’s the stitch.

8. Farmer’s Market

Take advantage of the nice weather every Saturday and hit up the various farmers markets in the Indy area. Top places such as Broad Ripple, Westfield and Zionsville have all the goodies you could find. We would rock the farmer’s look with a long jean short and spice it up with some flirty but comfy sandals and a bucket hat to hide from the sun in the outside market. P.S. a tote bag is definitely the move for stuffing all the goodies in one bag. 

9. Independence day July 4th

Nothing says fashion more than the good old American holiday of the 4th of July, right? Okay, maybe not exactly, but it can now! If you don’t want to overdo the look, we went with a pairing of blue and white with a flirty textured cropped tank and chunky dad shoes, so it’s still true to my sporty style for the day.

10. INFW July 25th-30th

Bet you didn’t know Indiana has its own fashion week did you? For this summer’s fashion week we are embodying the edgy guitar player’s girlfriend with a crushed velvet dress and pearly platforms. 

11. Froyo and sunset

One of my personal all time favorite dates is froyo. It’s a sneak peak into someone’s personality through toppings. Are they a fruit lover or chocoholic? Will they balance your crazy sour candy toppings with their waffle cone crumbles? Who knows but at least you get a sweet treat and a cute outfit. For this, I would choose something flowy and sweet, but a mix of styles to show your different tastes. The outfit will embody your smorgasbord of a froyo cup with a variety of its own.

12. Drinks and dinner in the city

Cocktails and lace, what’s classier than that? This outfit for the night out practically screams I have my life together. The mix of fun patterns and textures yet classic color combo is meant for going out. Enjoy the fine foods and nightlife Indy has to offer, luxury at its finest!

13. Flat fork treehouse park

Let’s! Get! Active! Throwing a nod to Princess Diana, we’re gonna rock the biker shorts look for our scenic hike. Spice up your workout gear so your date notices your outfit more than the fact you’re out of breath during your hike. These staple shorts are a perfect way to look more put together and totally sporty while exercising and working out your new spark ;).

14. Penn and Beech Candle Making

Candle making is just like fashion, it’s all about picking out what you like and what reflects you. For me, I would pick a mix of sweet and edgy, so the notes of my candle match my outfits energy. Carmel’s very own small business, Penn and Beech, is a great hotspot in Carmel for getting cozy and blending scents. 

15. Movies at the Kan Kan

Everyone knows the movie theaters are always freezing, but that’s no excuse to wear a bogus outfit just because you’re in the dark! Local cinema and brasserie in Indy, the Kan Kan, is a great mix of dressy and drinks followed by the laid back theater date night. For this we would wear a dressy top to fit the drinks, with the bottom being comfy for the movie. 

Now that we’ve raided my closet for your summer heat wave, I hope this thread gave you some ideas of what to wear and do in the Midwestern New York. That’s what friends are for, right?

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