Indy CD and Vinyl Collaborates with Pattern

Broad Ripple’s Indy CD and Vinyl has paired up with Pattern and now has a pop up shop in the Pattern store so you can get your vinyl fix downtown! To find out more about the collaboration I spoke to Indy CD and Vinyl owners, Andy and Annie Skinner.

What inspired you to collaborate with Pattern?

Annie: We love what you do! We love all the people who are involved with Pattern. We saw it as an opportunity to build a community, to tap into Pattern’s community and for Pattern to tap into our community. I think that we both have something that each other can offer.

Andy: I wrote an article for the music issue and that kind of got the ball rolling as far as collaborating.

What do you hope to accomplish by collaborating with Pattern?

Annie: We both have communities that we’re not tapping into. We like the fashion community, but music isn’t always tied into that. This is an opportunity to tap in. It was really cool when we went to the race this weekend, we saw the Pattern magazine in the suites and people were talking about our store there and they were saying they didn’t even know there is a Pattern store. They didn’t know about the store until we posted (on social media) about it. That was exactly what we wanted to hear. We wanted people on our social media that didn’t know Pattern existed, to know that it does. It’s a community asset.

Andy: And vice versa. The people in the fashion community that don’t know much about independent music stores and records can know about it. There’s no place to buy music downtown, not even the mall, although we’re not setting up an entire store at Pattern, people can still get their music fix downtown on Mass Ave.

Annie: There’s a limited amount of records there (at Pattern). We can bring records to the store by request too. It also allows an opportunity to do “in-stores” for bands that don’t want to make the drive to Broad Ripple. We now have an outlet on Mass Ave. For example, we’re hosting Glass Animals at Pattern on June 2. We’ll definitely be hosting a lot more in the future. “Indy CD and Vinyl presents … at Pattern” just makes so much sense. We can take what we’re doing here and apply it to their store.

How did you decide what type of music to display in the store? 

Annie: Andy kind of did. We weren’t 100 percent sure on what will sell. I think the first month is just testing the water and getting feedback from Pattern on what people are asking for. If it’s more people wanting Lana Del Ray and Mumford and Sons, then we can put that there.

Andy: We picked some classics.

Annie: Mostly fashion-forward stuff.

Andy: Some new releases and some things we have doubles of here.

Can you tell us more about the launch event at Pattern?

Andy: One of our managers here, Zach a.k.a. Crookshanks, will be DJ’ing for the night from 6 to 8 p.m. Glass Animals will get there around 6:30. We’ll be selling their album on CD and LP, so folks can come in and buy their product from us at Pattern to get signed and talk to the band. The band is excited and the turn out should be really good.

Annie: I’m hoping people who have never actually been to the Pattern store will be there.

Andy: That is one of the big reasons for the collaboration: we’re hoping this kind of marriage on Mass Ave. will bring more foot traffic every day to the store.

To celebrate the collaboration, on Tuesday, June 2, Indy CD and Vinyl will present Glass Animals in the Pattern store from 6 to 8 p.m.

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