Q+A with INDFW Director Dlang Ferguson

Indiana Fashion Week (INDFW) is a new weeklong event in Indianapolis to showcase the talents of Indiana-based fashion designers. Presented by the Indiana Fashion Foundation and founded by Denisha “Dlang” Ferguson, INDFW has been created to exhibit the works of Indiana’s emerging fashion scene and provide opportunities for the fashion enthusiasts who are expanding the fashion ecosystem here in Indiana. Ferguson explains the goals, events and her expectations on INDFW to PATTERN and encourages fashion insiders to support and attend the events that the fashion week is providing and use this event as a way to connect and expand your own network in this growing fashion hub.

Aiden Smith: What is the goal of Indiana Fashion Week?
Denisha “Dlang” Ferguson: The goal is to connect, strengthen and secure the future of fashion by developing a robust fashion industry in Indiana.

AS: What is your role at Indiana Fashion Week?
DF: I am the Executive Director of Indiana Fashion Week.

AS: What are you most excited about?
DF: I’m most excited about three things:
1) I am excited to see the vision come together. It has been 20 years of building fashion projects, workshops and events so I’m excited about how the platforms have evolved.
2) I’m excited to see many, many, many creatives and businesses involved in their zone of genius essentially create together.
3) I’m excited about the businesses that came on board and saw the vision. There is more to come!

AS: This is the first year for Indiana Fashion Week, what so you expect?
DF: A positive shift in PERSPECTIVE on the fashion scene in Indiana, in addition to fun and fashion of course!

AS: Who do you encourage to attend?
DF: Everyone who is in Indiana and in the fashion industry or who wants to be in the fashion industry. YOU must come to the events. It’s the best opportunity to connect. In addition, anyone who loves fashion and/or wants to connect with the industry. Come out and enjoy!

AS: What other information do you have that would be beneficial for people interested in the event to know?
DF: Go to indianafashionweek.com, right now for tickets. If you truly want more creative platforms, we have to support them. So get your tickets!

Special Guests include Fern Mallis who is the creator of New York Fashion Week, international fashion model Tyrie Rudolph, Channing Hargrove the fashion news editor for Refinery29, the director of Cultural Diversity & Inclusion for NYC Jewelry Week Elliot Carlyle, Chris Lavish the Global Digital Director for Fashion Week Online, and fashion blogger and brand consultant Sarah Chiwaya.

Indiana Fashion Week events include:

June 18, 2019-Youth Designer Challenge
Start Time: 11:00am
End Time: 4:00pm

June 19, 2019-Youth Designer Challenge
Start Time: 9:00am
End Time: 5:00pm

June 20, 2019-Press Preview Party
Start Time: 6:30pm
End Time: 8:30pm
Venue: Saks Fifth Avenue at The Fashion Mall (8725 Keystone Crossing, Indianapolis, IN 46240)
(Invite Only)

June 21, 2019-Making it IN Fashion Industry Day Conference
Start Time: 2:00pm
End Time: 8:00pm
Venue: Saks Fifth Avenue at The Fashion Mall

June 22, 2019– INDFW: The Runway Shows featuring the Emerging Designer Competition
Lounges Open: 5:00pm
Runway Doors Open: 6:30pm
Show Starts: 7:30pm
Venue: The Crane Bay (551 W Merrill St, Indianapolis, IN 46225)

Find out more about Indiana Fashion Week on their website and follow INDFW on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Follow Denisha “Dlang” Ferguson on her Instagram.

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