Styling Kit Essentials

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[dropcap letter=”W”]hen a PATTERN stylist goes on set, they have a bag with lots of tools and tricks inside that will help create a good photo and avoid any potential clothing disasters. From clips, to scissors, Band-Aids, and sewing kits, here is a roundup of the top items in our stylist’s bag!

1. Sewing Kit
You never know when a seam might rip or a hem will come undone! As a stylist, a sewing kit is very important to have on set so these mini disasters can be avoided.

2. Deodorant Remover
When dealing with borrowed clothing, keeping all pieces in good condition is imperative. These sponges will get out even the toughest of deodorant marks.

3. Static Guard
In order to make sure the clothes look neat and tidy, keeping static at a minimum is a must. Spraying this will ensure the clothes move properly and drape beautifully in order to get the perfect shot.

4. Band-Aids
Band-Aids are an all-around life saver during a shoot. From blisters caused by uncomfortable shoes, to minor scrapes while posing, and everything in between, these should be in any styling kit!

5. Clips
Clips are a stylist’s best friend! On set, we use them to shape a garment better to the body in order to create the best possible proportion for the picture.

6. Scissors
Even though this probably seems like a no brainer, you always have to be prepared to cut stray strings on sleeves and tags off of clothing. Scissors are a must have!

7. Stain Remover
A stain remover is a saving grace on any set. As a stylist, you have to keep an eye out for minor makeup strains or anything that could potentially show up on camera, and a stain stick will ensure nothing will distract the eye from photo itself.

8. Duct Tape
Taping the bottoms of shoes used during the shoot will protect them from gravel marks for outdoor sets and dust on studio floors. Since most clothes end up getting returned or given back to the designer, it is really important to protect the pieces from all wear and tear.

9. Tagging Gun
A tagging gun is the oldest trick in a stylist’s book! Sometimes there is just no way to get a tag out of the picture if it is not taken off the garment. A tagging gun will allow a stylist to put it back on after the shoot is over.

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