Five of Harry Styles’ Best Interviews

Illustration by Megan Gray

The #rona quarantine means that you’re spending way more time at home, and it’s possible that you might be a bit bored. We’re here to help! For your viewing pleasure, PATTERN editors curated some of our favorite Harry Styles interviews, because what better way is there to take your mind off the pandemic?

Coming in at #1 we have a throwback compilation of all of One Direction’s X factor auditions. They were so young and adorable!

For #2 we have an interview by Apple Music where Harry Styles answers a lot of questions about his music, new album and personal life.

Next up at #3 we have a fan mail interview put on my Capital FM where Harry answers fan’s personal questions.

Interview #4 addresses Harry’s new album “Fine Lines” in detail and walks the viewer through the creative process and ideas behind the album. If you have yet to listen to the album, we suggest you give it a listen and then watch this interview to get a better understanding of what Mr. Styles intended with this album.

Coming in at #5 we have Harry Styles being interviewed by Howard Stern. This video is perfect for you if you tend to gravitate more towards podcasts, Howard and Harry talk about anything from music to his family life. This video will give you a deeper understanding of Harry’s personal life. Be warned… this video might put you into a trance… Harry has the most soothing voice.

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