A Fashion Revolution for the Men of Indianapolis? Yes, please!

“Style is knowing what you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.” – Gore Vidal

It might sound a little dramatic but let’s be real; men of Indianapolis need a fashion revolution. Walking around the city or enjoying the local social scene, it seems most guys are stuck looking like standard mall mannequins. Men need to learn how to take those “mannequin” suggestions, and turn them into “your personal style”. My weekly blog posts are going to explore, what is out in the fashion world, which will meet the diverse needs of the men in Indianapolis.

I was always told that there wasn’t any fashion in Indianapolis. I believed this for a while, until I started interacting with some of the artists, designers, and stylists around the city. My revolution started in 2008, when I was asked to participate in a fashion show at the IMA. For the first time, I was actually encouraged and excited for the fashion scene in Indianapolis. After that event, I explored my strengths in styling, consulting, and fashion writing. With the help of social media I learned that, Indianapolis is not the dark pit of culture and fashion as some proclaim. For example, I have recently seen my friend’s blog, ifyouseekstyle.com, blow up with “publicity”. Caylee and her blog were recently featured in a national fashion campaign, for a large retailer. This was all because she was highlighting her style, developed from living in the Midwest. The challenge is, there is a limited amount of resources for the men of the Midwest.

Unlike the ladies, most men often underestimate what style can do for them. There is a clear difference from just putting on a suit, and styling the suit to you. That difference could be getting the job or promotion, over someone else. Putting together your look before you go out, to a social event, could affect your networking connections or making that romantic connection.  I went to my twitter followers, to see what they thought of style over just getting dressed, for men. One response, kind of summed it up perfectly. Grey Granite (@greygranite), a local music artist said, “ In 2011 you can judge a book by its cover – we have graphic designers and stylists and TV to ensure that you customize your look so that it will only take a split second for your audience to find you – and love you”.

So men of Indianapolis, let’s give people a reason to fall in love with you. The city has too much talent and passion, to let it get underestimated; JUST BECAUSE IT IS LOCATED IN THE MIDWEST.

Jeremiah Williams has always been described as an “East Coast” soul, living in the Midwest. His unique style is shown in his writing and styling.  In 2008, Metromix listed him as one of the top seven designers to watch in Indianapolis. In the same year he participated in the “PROJECT IMA: BREAKING THE MODE” fashion show. He had the opportunity to discover the diversity in design talent in the city. The fashion show opened his eyes, to the fashion community in Indianapolis, and wanted to share that with others. He realized from that experience, he had a stronger passion for styling and writing, about fashion and the Midwest. Jeremiah Williams writes about men’s fashion and style on his blog, but enjoys the fun of styling women too.

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